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                We manufacture and sell industrial portable air compressors to Mexico and Central and South America. Our single stage portable diesel air compressor line is the KGCY Series, which has a power range between 80 and 1,100 CFM. Our power-driven portable rotary screw air compressors can?meet different?demands.

                Several?main advantages of our portable compressors include high reliability and exceptional efficiency. The devices have a patented air compressor air end and fewer portable air compressor components than most. In addition, they don’t include quick-wear parts, which results in a long service life. The compressor overhaul interval reaches 40,000 to 80,000 hours and allows for convenient operation and maintenance.

                Our portable air compressor is designed to maximize your run time and minimize fuel refills. It takes up a small?space and is lightweight and?adaptable. Plus, the portable compressor is engineered to keep pressure and flow constant throughout operation, ensuring reliability and quality performance under any conditions.

                Single-Stage Diesel Screw Type Portable Air Compressor

                You can apply portable air compressors to?industries?such as:

                • Mining
                • Roadwork
                • Railway
                • Shipbuilding
                • Water conservancy
                • Urban construction
                • Energy

                Kaishan portable compressors are efficient and reliable.. The?single stage compressor offers the following?aspects:

                • Air flow control system that conducts zero to 100 percent of airflow income and adjusts accelerator
                • Operation parameters that have stop and alarm functions
                • Multi-stage air filter that’s ideal for dusty work environments
                • Easy and convenient maintenance

                Two-Stage Diesel Screw Type Portable Air Compressor

                Kaishan Compressor provides a two-stage portable screw air compressor to similar industries and applications as the single-stage device. Its power range is 50-400 horsepower with a discharge quantity covering 1060 CFM and discharge pressure stacking up to 320 psig. It also has the following characteristics:

                • Triple oil and gas separation system and triple air filtration system
                • SKY2 patent air end with the highest pressure of 5,000 PSI
                • A heavy electronic injection diesel engine
                • Standard configuration with aspects like heavy duty air filter, compressor controller and acoustical enclosure
                • Optional features, such as aftercooler and a fuel heating system

                Portable Air Compressors For Sale

                If you are looking for more information about Kaishan portable rotary screw compressors,?contact our team of experts. No matter your industry, our portable compressors can provide efficient, reliable operation to meet your compressed air needs. You have several different types of portable air compressors to choose from, and we are here to help you make the best decision for your company.

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